The Venerable Bees

Our official family history, written by my Aunti Di, suggests that I am at least the 6th generation of my family keeping bees. I was first taught by my grandfather as a kid, often being stung, and then more recently by the Harrogate and Ripon Beekeeping Association. I am now pleased to say I am very rarely stung.

The bees lived in my back garden when I lived in Alne. When I moved house, they moved to a slightly more exclusive location – the roof of Ripon Cathedral. My first hive has grown and thus I now keep 4 hives up there.

The bees work to the chime of the bells and the honey is imbued with holiness as the beautiful notes from the Cathedral Choir rise up so that I can hear Choral Evensong whilst beekeeping.

I am grateful to Dr Emma Wells, who named the bees so aptly, and my friend Linda Richardson, for her beautiful illuminated logo.