Art in the Churches

I have been delighted to be a founding trustee of Art in the Churches, a small charity based in North Yorkshire with a desire to place contemporary art in some of our nation’s most historic buildings – churches.

From Rome to Ripon…

After seeing Art in the Churches’ first exhibition, Sculpt, I was determined that the same approach – the melding of contemporary art, sympathetically placed in historic buildings, would be the perfect way to bring some St Wilfrid and his contemporaries to life. A visit to Chester Cathedral brought Sara Shamma to our attention and, from there, we have created three new portraits for Ripon Cathedral’s 1350th anniversary celebrations; St Wilfrid, Queen Eanfled and Archbishop Theodore of Tarsus.

My designs

Working with Chris Baily, Producer for Art in the Churches, we have designed a series of pioneering new frames, designed to showcase the paintings to best effect whilst reducing the footprint of the artworks. Chris designed the frames whilst I worked on the graphics for the infill and surrounding interpretation. The frames are each in a boat-like form, which evokes Wilfrid’s three journeys to Rome, with the bottom pennant containing an accompanying poem.

My video

I have been fortunate to work with Paul Bailey of ReSound, creating a video accompaniment to a newly commissioned piece of music from Paul, which will be projected in the Anglo-Saxon Crypt. I hope to be able to post a video preview soon.